"Intuition is the compass of the soul”


How much do you rely on your own wisdom and knowledge versus the wisdom of others? Do you have to have everything proved by scientific studies or do you rely entirely on what your intuition tells you? Perhaps it is somewhere between the two.

In today’s world, we are bombarded by more information that we can realistically process, social media, the internet, television, newspapers. It is not surprising that young people today are struggling.

The title of this website has two aspects, Trust you and You first. Let me explain.

You first, is a request that we all put ourselves first in our lives. Not second, not third, not after the kids, boss, husband, wife is sorted, but first. Why? Because I believe, by looking after our own needs, we automatically support those around us. It is not a secret that children always seem to play up and misbehave when we are also stressed out. So just for an experiment, try spending a day, week, month, nurturing yourself before you look after everyone else. Just a thought, give it a try, let me know how it goes!

I used to be a giver, to my partner, to my boss, to my colleagues and then later to my children. I don’t think self care was even in my vocabulary. I’m not even sure at what point in my life I became a people pleaser but it worked for me for a while. I had a successful career pleasing my bosses by delivering what they asked but I can honestly say looking back that I was on autopilot. I never really questioned the status quo so I just continued until a moment in time when I was sitting in a conference with work. I looked around the room where the top 100 managers of the company were sitting and I expected to feel a moment of pride and joy at my career achievement. What I received was a voice in my head saying very clearly “Alison, What the F**k are you doing here?” Totally shocked, I spent the next few days wondering whether I could ignore the voice but it was difficult to ignore and then a few months later I found myself out of a job and retraining as a coach. Which brings me to the next point about this website, Trust you.

I decided to listen to the voice in my head. It made me wonder whether I was really happy in my job, it made me think about times when I followed my intuition and good things happened in my life. It made me wonder but it was only when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I really put the Trust you into practice, which can be read here.

I can honestly say I am really passionate about helping people to put themselves first and to develop their intuition. I would love it if intuition was a class at school and every child was taught how to follow their gut instincts. It is a goal I have on my vision board. In the meantime I work individually and in a workshop setting to support those of you who want to develop your self awareness further.

Thank you.


Sometimes in your life there is a moment when you may be unsure about what to do, it may be linked to a difficult change, a job loss, a break up, the loss of someone close or it can simply be a moment when you realise that your life is not the way you want it to be. At these times an independent coach may be what you are looking for to help you find a way forward that honours the truth of who you are.

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When we talk about energy in the English language, it is usually a reference to how much of it you have, like a battery reading. If you are feeling low on energy then it is hard to get through the day and often we remedy that by fuelling more, resting or exercising in the hope that we feel more energetic.